Rural & Roadside Americana

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This collection contains pictures of rural Americana, roads, roadside objects and industrial objects.

Some images have a simple white mat added to help visualize framing.

I shoot 35mm photography with professional Canon equipment and I use an iPhone8plus. I try to tag all iPhone photographs uploaded here.

Fine art photography, contemporary photography, rural Americana, roadside America, Americana architecture, Dune Road, Harbor Beach Road, remote road, roadside Americana, roadside America, lost America, Memory Motel, Ruby Tuesday signage, remote landscape, built structure, beach architecture, Americana, Industrial Elevator building, railroad train, landscaped yard, signage, romantic sky, Long Island photo prints, wall art, interior wall decor, office art, night photography, iPhone8 Photography, NY-Photographer, Canon 35mm photographer © Alison Perry - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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